About The Order

The Noble Order of Valour was formed to bring back the Ideals of Brotherhood, Chivalry, and Service. It is open to all people who are seeking to make a difference in the world, no matter how small or large the area. This Order is not supported by any government, and so is open to all peoples regardless of race, religion, creed, sex or marital status.

This Order was formed to bring the tradition of Chivalry back to our world. In these modern times, it is clear that people no longer take the time to care about each other. For instance, in your own neighborhood there could be an elderly man or woman in need of a simple act of kindness, such as a warm meal or a mowed lawn. What about the children of your neighborhood? They need strong role models to prepare them to meet the challenges they face daily on the streets. But whether in a city or in the country, you can make a difference! If you can touch one life in a positive way, then you have made the difference!

This is what the Noble Order of Valour is all about, MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

This is why our motto is: Faith in the Power of One

Our motto also implies we have Unshakable Faith in the

Power of Unity.